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Beth Wildwood. Artist.

English Artist living in a forest home called Dream Weaver Cottage, in the Rothaar Mountains of Germany. 

Beth has rescued over 100 animals and birds from 2007 to the present day, all of whom have lived in the acre woodland at Dream Weaver Cottage. 

In service to nature. Influenced by the land, devas and wildlife, to create stories through art, crafts and photography.


The wild spirit weaver was born from a seed of all trees, from the deepest earth and the furthest stars, from fur, feather and human skin, from the wind and water, sun and Moon and she is here to bring magic and light, truth and hope. To give those wild places of knowing within a chance to be found and live free once again . Creating talismans and tools to open the gates to let all the wild glory flow back in...


A light emerges with brightness and clarity, opening the spirit and igniting the heart of consciousness, burning flame of power and vision... The wisdom of the Earth is mine to hold in my heart for eternity... My souls purpose is to burn the flame of love and light through visions of colour and magic, to explore the dimensions of spirit and soul, then to dissolve into a sea of energy...pure and bright. 

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