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The Germanic Goddess of Spring and dawn .   Ostaramonath is the old germanic name for April 

She is the awakening of the earth , the growing light of Spring.


Here she is painted rising through a bed of violets and blessed by the sun and moon tides ....

I have included a beautiful Spring poem about violets by Dora Read Goodale 1866-1915

This is the total poem titled   ´Blue Violets´


The violet blooms with every Spring,

With every Spring the breezes blow,

And once again the robins sing

A song more sweet than June can know.


So with the violet comes desire

For something else than common gain, -

The glow of more than earthly fire,

The sting of more than actual pain.


A thousand slackened memories start,

Encompassed by a violet’s breath, -

The vital wish of every heart,

The Life that triumphs over Death.


A blossom of returning light,

An April flower of sun and dew;

The earth and sky, the day and night

Are melted in her depth of blue!


So comes and goes an April day,

And so the violet comes and goes, -

A few pale blossoms grace the May,

A last faint breath the May-wind blows.


But now the air is full and free,

With the quickening pulses of the Spring,

And longing for the life to be

The phoebes of a sudden sing.


And on a green and shaded slope

The air is stirred with sweet perfumes,

Where, in the heat and light of hope,

Again the rare blue violet blooms!



a print from the original by Beth Wildwood 




This is a Gliclee Archival A4 29.7cm x 21cm ( image 18cm x25cm ) print using Archival pigment inks on 240gm professional cotton rag premium Matt inkjet  Paper ensuring a longevity of at least 100 years 

The original painting is painted in acrylic on board by Beth Wildwood ! 

The print will be packed flat in a carded envelope box 


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Ostara Rising